#idea – Personal problems / 16.09.17

Most people (but not all people)
Don’t want to know about your problems
As they are far too busy with their own.

Helping another person with their problems
Can actually help you to take your mind off of your own.

There is no ‘secret to being happy’
But helping other people is one of the things that has contributed most to my happiness.

It’s something I wish someone had told me in those days long ago when I was very depressed.

Photo by StockSnap (Pixabay)

#Idea – Reframing minimalism / 17.09.17

Having trouble embracing the idea of ‘less’?
It may be down to how you think about less.

An emphasis on less should focus on less of the bad, as a means to get more of the good.

Less stress,
Less time spent on the unnecessary,
Less money spent on stuff you don’t really need.

In return, more time to spend on the activities and people you love
More energy to devote to the people and things you love.

Photo by 8moments (Pixabay)