#ThoughtExperiment – People judging each other based on clothing

The naked ape dresses itself in valuable textiles.
With the textiles covering its hairy skin, the naked ape feels superior to other primates who lack such textiles.
Should you find yourself making value judgements or comparisons to other people (whether for better or worse) – based on the clothes they wear, perhaps consider this.

Photo by Philippe Moreau Chevrolet

‪#‎Poem‬ – 30.05.16

The inexorable
International amalgamation
Of cultures
Stripped my heritage
And recast my history.
An amnesiac race memory
Overrun by advertising, mass media
And the Old World Order.

My white skin
Is a blank canvas
And though I have no idea
Of what to put on it
Others are more than happy
To tell me.

My people
Are unsure of who they are
And if I’m honest
I’m unsure
If I ever had a people at all.

And yet,
Some would hold me to account for things that happened
Before my grandparents’ grandparents were born
Others are merely content with
Accusations of privilege,
A lack of understanding
Of the context in which I was created,
And of the road being cleared before me.
How easy it must all be for you,
White boy.

But did you ever try to get know me?

And so I am nothing more
Nor less
Than the default
The centre line
The inevitable outcome
Of the Identity Politics.

And it’s like
Everyone in the world wants something
But I have nothing to give them.

Photo by Konrad Lembcke

#Poem – 14.05.15

If it turns out to be
That you do not want me
Or that you never did
Then I might say
You were coldhearted
Or I might say
You misunderstood
Or I might say
Any number of wounded things

They make it easier to stand
As I cannot believe
That I was
Not enough

And maybe some things are too much to change
Or maybe I don’t know how to change them
But what else could I have done?
And if it is to be
That nothing ever comes of it
Then in time
Maybe I will come to believe
That it was never anything in the first place


Photo by Bert Kaufmann

#Poem – Keepsakes

You’ll find me on a hill

Swimming in the stills

In the oil spills

And radium landfills

This world is split milk

Babyfood, carcinogens

And Charmeuse silk

Squid ink,

The stench of ammonia

Endless expanses

A thousand last chances

An industry,

That became of Utopia


Amongst discarded pills

Or Chernobyl’s hills

Where there’s a way, there’s a will

And a need to fulfil

In rivers run black

With perishing flesh

And mercury silt

It’s just You, I

And the keepsakes of other world

The one that was

Before this world was built


Photo by hilighters