#Idea – Religion / 25.06.24

A major problem with religion is that it makes literal claims that can be proved to be false.
The hedge is that what it says should be thought of as allegorical or metaphorical
Because it has some societal or cultural value that binds people together.
I’m not sure I entirely accept that (…not that this matters to anyone else)
Is there another way to encourage people to be good people
To treat others as they wish to be treated?
To be community spirited?
(and so on)
That doesn’t involve iron-age belief systems with centuries of psychic baggage and dangerous out-group dynamics?

Image by pierreforlin from Pixabay

#Poem – Obscurity / 25.06.24

I have seen the gravestones
Tipping over
Weathered away to obscurity,
I have wondered
How it got to that
And how long it took
Until family stopped visiting
If there are any descendants alive today
Who even know
Who this person was
I have considered
That if I even get such a marker
That will be me one day
On my way to total obscurity
Not that I’ll notice, of course,
And neither will anyone else.

Image by Maria_Domnina from Pixabay

#Idea – Opinions / 25.06.24

As a general rule,
(with some exceptions I won’t cover here)
Don’t share your opinion
Unless it’s asked for.

So often,
Everyone seems to have an opinion
But the validity of such an opinion
Tends to depend upon the context;
Namely, how much that person knows about the subject in question
(And often, we know less than we think).

To an extent, everyone’s opinions are valid
But not equally.

And yes,
It is not lost on me that,
In writing this
I am putting forth an opinion of my own.
One that you are, of course, free to ignore.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay