#Idea – Pessimism Politics / 04.01.23

If the political system forces you to vote against what you don’t want
Instead of for what you do want (…because you can’t get what you want)
That’s a sign that the system might not be working properly.

It could also be a sign that (like me and many others), you may have succumbed to political pessimism and have no hope of fixing that system.
This assumes, of course, that what you want (politically) isn’t too extreme based on the current scope of the Overton window.

I can only see the problem, not solve it.

Image by Mikhail Mamontov from Pixabay

#Idea – Don’t mistake a conversation for a debate / Prioritising learning over persuasion / 04.02.21

Instead of having conversations in which you are trying to ‘win’
Acknowledge, in advance, that you’re going into a debate.

Both sides could try to acknowledge the possibility of learning something from the other person,
And prioritise learning over persuasion.

This is, perhaps, a more complex way of asking
Not to talk about religion or politics.
Put another way
Not to talk about anything you feel ‘religious’ about.

Image by ha11ok from Pixabay