#Idea – The Commoditisation of (Some) People / 13.04.20

Can you commoditise people?
Not purposefully, of course.
But yes, I think you can, if you have a lot of people
More people than socially and economically useful work*
(…as I think we do today).

Still, maybe you can’t commoditise everyone.
We still hold (irrationally?) high regard for famous people,
Or those with particular, rare skills (…and consequential economic value)
But with such enormous quantities of us
Supply and dynamics come into the equation
(…from a labour market perspective).

Consider the economic catastrophe that is the COVID-19 pandemic
(…ongoing as I write this).
Were you also deemed ‘surplus to requirements’?

Maybe it’s just me,
The more of us there are
The less you feel your individual value. 
Just one of billions upon billions,
Being ‘nobody special’
(…at least economically).

*See David Graeber’s ‘Bullshit Jobs’

Image by StockSnap (Pixabay)