#Idea – ‘Enlightenment’ is a trap, set by your ego / 20.03.18

If your ego is invested
In not being invested
Your ego is still invested.

In this way, ego turns ‘being more spiritual than others’ into yet another way to assert its devilish agenda.

In this way, the very idea of enlightenment could be considered a trap for the mind.

Photo by JordyMeow (Pixabay)

#Idea – The negativity bias / 05.03.18

It is your birthright to experience sporadic moments of joy, blissfulness and transcendence,
And it is your curse to forget how often they happen,
(…and perhaps how great they were. )

Put another way – you would be more happy, more often – if only you could remember how often you had been happy before.

This is perhaps a chicken and egg problem.

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#Idea – Atheism vs Science / 05.03.18

It’s not ‘scientific’ to be an atheist (that is to say, to be 100% certain that there is no God)

Because scientists, on a philosophical level, do not deal in matters of complete certainty.

Unless that is to say that your atheism is a hypothesis that you would like (…or not like) to be disproved.

On a philosophical level, this makes you an agnostic – whether you identify as atheist or not.

In its most hardcore form – atheism could be described as faith (or belief) that there is no God – perhaps not too dissimilar from the religion it is ideologically opposed to.

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#Idea – What happened to philosophy? / 06.02.18

Pharmacology and psychology fill the space that philosophy once occupied,
Taking the onus to find meaning and happiness away from the individual,
Moving it to external sources.

The proposition:
Live better with the assistance of various substances and biochemical manipulation
Or with the help of someone else shrinking your head.

Meanwhile, philosophy has become associated with irrelevance, a kind of intellectual masturbation.
It is no longer considered practical information that can help us live happier, more meaningful lives.

And yet,
To a great extent
Your thinking got you where you are
Your thinking can get you out of it

And that is what philosophy is all about.

Philosophy is not dead. It’s just gone to sleep for a while.

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