#Idea – Stop Being Offended AKA Arguments Against Taking Things Personally

When you take offence, you have abdicated your power to choose how you feel to another person.
You have allowed them, consciously or not, to press your buttons.
And besides
Since your ‘person’ is, on one level, optional
(i.e a persona – a mask you wear and an idea you have created about yourself)
There’s no need to take anything ‘personally’
Unless you want to
But why would you want to?

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

#ThoughtExperiment – Man Hits Insect Hits Man

Man: You are walking along any place you choose.
Out of nowhere comes a loud buzzing, and a large and (obviously very stupid) fly collides with your cheek

Insect: You are flying, thinking about bright and shiny things to collide with. Suddenly a giant, (and obviously very stupid) floating face collides with you.

black and white moth photo
Photo by Internet Archive Book Images