#Idea – A Little Asceticism Enriches Your Life / 12.02.19

Comfort costs you money
Money costs you time
Time is all you really have
(…because you trade your time for money).

Comfort costs you the only currency of your life – your time.

Put another way, comfort makes you a slave
Because you have to work for it.

What happens if your comfort is taken from you?

Replace ‘comfort’ with ‘things’ and the logic still holds.

With thanks to the guy from CheapRVLiving for the idea.

#Idea – Work / 16.11.18

If your work provides no meaning, or joy to you
You are wasting your life at it.

Or at least
You are wasting the part of your life
That you spend working.

“If one wanted to crush and destroy a man entirely, to mete out to him the most terrible punishment, all one would have to do would be to make him do work that was completely and utterly devoid of usefulness and meaning.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky


Photo by ericksonkee

#Idea – Wisdom Is the Consolation of Age / 06.10.18

Age is inevitable, wisdom is not:
You can grow older and no wiser
But you cannot grow wiser and no older.

And so,
If time’s passage is inevitable
And age is inevitable
You might as well do something
With all that time you’ll have
To experience and reflect.

Put another way
You may as well add wisdom
To all the hours you’ll naturally accumulate.

This is a way,
To make something of the hand we were all dealt:
Time’s passage,
The inevitable decline of your body
And the stark realisation of ‘The Human Condition’.

Photo by RichardJames1990