#Idea – Morality: Moving Goalposts / 02.05.22

If you judge the historical figures of the past by today’s moral standards they tend to fall short. 
And, it’s quite possible that when you are being judged by the people of the future, you’ll fall short too.
Such moral standards are not fixed or absolute – they evolve and change. Whether this counts entirely as ‘progress’ is still a matter of debate.

It’s very possible that everyone will be on the wrong side of history, eventually – assuming that history goes on for long enough.
…which is to say that there are people in the far future to look back on who we were, and what we did with a critical eye.
Those taking today’s moral high ground or riding the moral high horse may very well be unsaddled by their descendants.

Image by Laurent Verdier from Pixabay

#Idea – Philosophy to Technology / 11.09.21

Many of our future technological problems 
Begin as philosophical problems. 

Put another way;
You can begin to solve a philosophical problem now
In order (…perhaps) not to have a technological problem later. 

This is will be increasingly important as technology grows more powerful.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay