#Idea – There Are Limits to Diversity / 06.04.19

We celebrate diverse* perspectives
But with limits.

For example
We can’t celebrate diversity around
Our core values
Such as ‘not killing people who disagree with you’.

As such, diversity can’t really be considered an absolute
That we either ‘have’, or ‘don’t have’.
It’s more a matter of degree – about how many perspectives that we are ‘willing’ to allow.
Or how many perspectives are ‘practical’ within our society.

Where we draw the line between ‘acceptable’ and ‘not’
Helps to draw a distinction between cultures.

If ‘our’ line and ‘their’ line are too far apart.
The cultures will probably have trouble ‘getting along’.

black and white violence photo

Photo by vwcampin

You can see this clash of values (cultures)
Playing out today
And the consequent violence.

With thanks to Sam Harris for the idea

*Please note, I refer to diversity of perspectives, not ‘intersectional’ diversity.

Cover Photo by La caverne aux trésors

#Idea – Jesus / 08.03.19

Something for Christians to consider: 

In the entire account of Jesus’ earthly life
The only thing that really got him angry
Was the financial industry.

I refer, of course, to the ‘cleansing of the temple’.

Consider this
And contrast it to
The popularity of ‘prosperity theology’ today.
How much that modern ‘financialised’ Christian countries
Depend upon commerce and capital.

Assuming that
We didn’t kill or commit him beforehand
What would he make of all this,
Were he to come back today?

#ThoughtExperiment – ‘Healthy competition’ vs ‘working together’ (on a global scale)

Question: Are we going to be collaborators or competitors in the creation of the future?

Answer: Probably both

It appears that, unlike the ants, we cannot all just work together in one collective (and when you consider ant hives occasionally going to war, neither can the ants).

Caveat: …well, maybe we can’t yet.

Still, when you take a larger scale view of humanity, cohesion and progress do emerge from competition (i.e financial market dynamics, scientific advancements driven by warfare). But the process of achieving such cohesion through competition still leads to stuff like genocides in the name of nationality, and the ongoing annihilation of ecosystems in the name of profit.

And obviously we can’t seem to exist in a state of total anarchy / ‘all vs all’ (even the systems that anarchists advocate are not ‘true’ anarchy)

So we get a (possibly false dichotomy of) ‘healthy competition’ vs ‘working together’.

corporation black and white photo
Photo by Eduard V. Kurganov

The question follows: is there an optimal ‘middle ground’ between the two, and how do we determine it? Some kind of ideal group dynamic in humanity?

Is there some optimal number of human establishments in competition required to keep humanity progressing? And an optimal form of competition?

If so, how do we determine this?

If not, what is the alternative? Continuing on, raping our planet and killing each other in the name of tribe and personal gain? Appointing a perfect and neutral reasoning machine to make all the decisions? Some kind of raising of global consciousness in which the people and the power brokers see the bigger collective picture?

Cover Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video