#Idea – Afghanistan / A Libertarian(?) Take on Cultural Compatibility and ‘Western Chauvinism’ / 12.09.21

Western values,
Like the idea of equality amongst intersectional classes
And of freedom of speech…
These values are acquired tastes
And, like many acquired tastes
Not everyone will acquire them.

Assuming that a nation will eventually acquire these values
And/or trying to force our values upon them
This is unrealistic
And also perhaps a little arrogant.
Who is to say that they need (or even want) our political system?
Or our worldview?
Some people just wish to be left alone.

It would seem that some cultures are simply less ‘compatible’ with ours.
And this is not a bad thing. Diversity of opinion is still important, right?

Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay

#ThoughtExperiment – Cultural Relativism, AKA Helping Vs. Interfering / 19.01.21

If something is clearly wrong
(…that is to say that it does substantial, unnecessary harm)
Should it matter who is doing it?

Put another way;
Do you need to be part of a culture to understand
If what it is doing is right or wrong?
Do right and wrong transcend cultural differences?
And, if they do
Do you have the right or moral obligation to ‘correct’ these things
When you see them?

Image by Edward Lich from Pixabay

#Idea – The Tyrannic Milestone / 17.01.21

Once orthodoxy*
(however defined at the time, its parameters change)
Becomes more important than free discourse
(ie. you are no longer allowed to hold an opinion that differs from the narrowly defined orthodoxy)
We cross a major milestone on the path to tyranny.

Freedom of expression
(ie. the open expression of freedom of thought)
Is a vital check against tyranny
And the kind of groupthink
That leads to awful things being done
To those on the wrong side of history.

*political correctness/the right way/Goodthink/etc.

Image by Sang Hyun Cho from Pixabay