#Idea – Living Ironically / 24.10.20

If you’re an ironic enough person
You can use irony to completely disclaim
Anything that you say or do.

You can exist as some kind of miasma
Entirely uncommitted to your actions
Your beliefs shrouded in paradox and mismatch.

It would, perhaps, be a metaphysical practice,
If not for the level of self-consciousness or contrivance that is often involved.

#ThoughtExperiment – You Are Not Your Brain / 29.08.20

Your brain never directly sees the light of day
Nor does it smell, feel or hear anything of its own accord.

Instead, it sits there, walled off
Inside the cavity of your skull
Drawing inferences from your nerves and sensory organs
Conjuring up a world of its own from all of this information
Filtering to fit with its biases
A computer, computing.

And yet, as far as we know
This is how you come to know the world and your experience in it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

#Idea – Social Media and Narcissism / 21.10.20

Here’s an idea:
(…and not a unique idea).

Social media has normalised narcissism. 
(…at least amongst some).

I can’t be the only one
Who thinks that a huge volume of people
Posting selfies
And at the slightest provocation
Is a little suspicious.

Or perhaps it’s always been this way,
And the likes of Instagram has finally made the latent narcissism
Frictionless enough to manifest at scale?

Maybe it’s not narcissistic at all,
Maybe it’s just human nature.

The fuck do I know?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay