#Idea – A Question About the ‘Authentic’ Life / 02.16.19

Is it possible to have ‘worn the mask’ for so long
That you forget who you are?


Is it not so much a matter of ‘forgetting’
As it is a matter of ‘transformation’
The mask fused to the face,
The old face gone?

Maybe there is no face, and no mask
Just outdated ideas about
Who you were once
Who you wanted to be

Clinging to identification
Is just
Clinging to self-conflict.

Or maybe it isn’t.
What’s most important is that you’re happy with who you are.

Photo by StockSnap (Pixabay)

#Idea – The Wrong Workplace / 08.05.18

Note: this probably doesn’t apply to people who enjoy their work, though I have read this is less than half of people who do…

When you think about it
The workplace is a con.

Taken to its worst extreme
It’s an absurd situation.

The idea that
You have to get up before you want to
Put on clothes you wouldn’t choose to wear
And travel to a place
To do work you don’t want to do
For people you don’t really care for.

And this is for five-sevenths of your week
And one-third of your waking hours (…but realistically more)
Of course, many of these hours are your best hours
The better part of the day, in which you have the most energy
And get the best ideas
And this all eats up the better part of your ‘productive’ life,
When you are young, vital and most capable.

article about the workplace - black and white hall
Photo by 12019 (Pixabay)

The sooner you realise
How sorry a state of affairs it all is
How much a wholesale theft of your very life it all is
And the sooner that you come up with a means to support yourself
That doesn’t involve this masochistic slog
The better.

Of course
You can take pride
In working for a noble cause.

You must surely expect more from your life
Than working for a living
Whilst you die inside.

Photo by StockSnap (Pixabay)