#Idea – Scientific Illiteracy Meets Growing Technological Reliance / 26.02.22

The gap between our scientific capabilities and the public’s understanding of science is vast, and growing.

Put another way: the growth in our scientific understanding is quickly outpacing the average person’s understanding of that science.

The implications? A world in which we increasingly depend upon things (mostly technological; technology being ‘applied science’) that only an elite few can understand.

In the long term, I can’t see this going very well, and I also can’t see it getting any better – as science and technology continue to advance.

World, please prove me wrong.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

#Idea – AI vs. AGI / 15.10.20

An AI can create a plausible piece of writing or art
Perhaps it will eventually surpass anything that you or I could create.
But, no matter how good it gets
It will not understand what it is doing.

Understanding separates the humans from the machines.
And when it doesn’t, that will be another matter entirely.

Image by Димитрий Бровко from Pixabay