#Idea – A Question About the ‘Authentic’ Life / 02.16.19

Is it possible to have ‘worn the mask’ for so long
That you forget who you are?


Is it not so much a matter of ‘forgetting’
As it is a matter of ‘transformation’
The mask fused to the face,
The old face gone?

Maybe there is no face, and no mask
Just outdated ideas about
Who you were once
Who you wanted to be

Clinging to identification
Is just
Clinging to self-conflict.

Or maybe it isn’t.
What’s most important is that you’re happy with who you are.

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#Idea – Culture Is Cultural Appropriation / 30.08.19

What some refer to as ‘cultural appropriation’ (ie. the transference of ideas and practices from one group to another) is the mechanism by which culture spreads.

You can try and restrict this transfer from certain groups to another
But this kind of defeats the whole point of culture in the first place;
A free interchange that enriches collective human culture.
The transfer is not unidirectional
And in such a cultural exchange, both sides can benefit
(…though you could argue that one side may benefit more than the other).

Put another way
Cultural appropriation is a part of how culture works.
Bringing it into the realm of identity politics
And trying to rearrange it
So that only some groups can benefit from it
Is both misguided and impossible.

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#ThoughtExperiment – The Net Benefit of Not Being Able to Stomach a ‘Real Job’

Having an aversion to working a ‘real job’ could be a net benefit in cases in which you’re looking to pursue an ‘alternative’ career – eg. an artistic endeavour with a much lower probability of success (eg. making a living), but with fame and higher financial rewards on the upside (music, acting, comedy, writing etc).

Put simply, it forces you to go ‘all in’. It does not allow you to get comfortable in a normal career.

However – it’s only a benefit to those with the talent and drive to pursue their art/high-risk, high-reward occupation. And even amongst those people, luck is a massive factor.

Which means you either succeed or fail spectacularly. You don’t get to live in ‘the middle’. To work in middle management, and live in a nice, middle-sized house, oh no…

As a glib example: you’re either a millionaire entertainer, raking in the royalties or you move from service job to service job, eking out a living whilst you work on your comedy until you die.

The deck is stacked against you, but if it’s what you’re called to, there is no other way, I suppose.

To me, this is the life of the artist – no compromise. All or nothing.

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#Idea – The ‘Supply and Demand’ Problem of Modern Humanity / 06.06.19

We don’t value people
(As much as I feel we should)
Because we have ‘too much access’ to people.

This is something of a supply and demand issue.

As a general principle
We tend to value less which is more abundant
And this can apply to people.

You’d probably be much happier to see another person
After spending a year alone in the wilderness
Than you’d be
Spending yet another day (another year?)
Fighting through the crowds at your metro station

If there were less of us, maybe we’d value each other more.

Though seeing as this is probably not going to happen any time soon
We should come up with better ways to value each other
Ways that take into account how many of us that there are now.

Put another way
Come up with a way not to dehumanise people
Considering how many people there are.

The current MO is to treasure a small group of people
And look on at everyone else with some degree of ambiguity or neutrality.

black and white lovers photo
Photo by jepoirrier

Are there ways of valuing everyone equally without the ‘us and them’ mentality?
In other words – can we think of everyone as part of our ‘in-group’?
I don’t know.

Perhaps imagine that one of those people
In the teeming mass of humanity that surrounds you
Is the only person that you have seen in the last 10 years?

#Idea – The Wrong Workplace / 08.05.18

Note: this probably doesn’t apply to people who enjoy their work, though I have read this is less than half of people who do…

When you think about it
The workplace is a con.

Taken to its worst extreme
It’s an absurd situation.

The idea that
You have to get up before you want to
Put on clothes you wouldn’t choose to wear
And travel to a place
To do work you don’t want to do
For people you don’t really care for.

And this is for five-sevenths of your week
And one-third of your waking hours (…but realistically more)
Of course, many of these hours are your best hours
The better part of the day, in which you have the most energy
And get the best ideas
And this all eats up the better part of your ‘productive’ life,
When you are young, vital and most capable.

article about the workplace - black and white hall
Photo by 12019 (Pixabay)

The sooner you realise
How sorry a state of affairs it all is
How much a wholesale theft of your very life it all is
And the sooner that you come up with a means to support yourself
That doesn’t involve this masochistic slog
The better.

Of course
You can take pride
In working for a noble cause.

You must surely expect more from your life
Than working for a living
Whilst you die inside.

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