#Idea – The End Game of the Information War / 12.04.20

In this ‘post-truth’, ‘fake news’ world
(…please pardon the cliches)
Where everyone is their own PR person
Sharing the digital highlights of their ‘best life’
And where trust in the traditional bastions of journalism is waning
Your doubt is a defensive strategy;

Don’t want to be taken in? Then simply don’t believe anything you read, see or hear online.

So, I suppose the real threat is the slide into cynicism,
When you come to doubt everything unequivocally
Perhaps that is the real existential threat of the information war.

Not that we will be credulous, believing all of the ‘alternative truths’ and nonsense that bombard us on our numerous media channels.
But that we will become callous, perhaps nihilistic,
Sick of all of the bullshit.
Apathetic, unable to trust a damn thing
And entirely devoid of faith entirely.

And, instead of acting on the wrong things,
We don’t act at all.
Even when we desperately need to do something.

Image by anokarina