#Idea – The Tyrannic Milestone / 17.01.21

Once orthodoxy*
(however defined at the time, its parameters change)
Becomes more important than free discourse
(ie. you are no longer allowed to hold an opinion that differs from the narrowly defined orthodoxy)
We cross a major milestone on the path to tyranny.

Freedom of expression
(ie. the open expression of freedom of thought)
Is a vital check against tyranny
And the kind of groupthink
That leads to awful things being done
To those on the wrong side of history.

*political correctness/the right way/Goodthink/etc.

Image by Sang Hyun Cho from Pixabay

#Idea – Pose a Problem, Solve a Problem / 15.01.21

We often create problems
That we’re incapable of solving
Unable to recognise.

This is one of life’s great inequities:
Those who create the problem
Often aren’t the best people
To solve the problem.

That burden falls to others.

In some cases (…and for particularly difficult problems) this is intergenerational.
For example, we must solve problems
Created by people who are long gone.
You and I will create quandaries today
For our distant descendants to deal with.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

#ThoughtExperiment – Madness / The Coal Mine / 14.01.21

Perhaps the label of ‘madness’
That we often apply
To people with mental health issues
Is also a kind of sensitivity.

Perhaps these people are just more sensitive
(less well adapted?)
To the craziness of their surroundings
Which is to say
The craziness of our world.

They are canaries
In a vast,
And very scary coal mine. 

And, instead of calling them mad,
We should consider what it is
That they are reacting to.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay