#Idea – Some Holes in the Idea of ‘Free Will’ / 02.02.19

We could think of ‘free will’, or ‘personal agency’ not as a binary state
Of, say, ‘complete free will’ or ‘mindless automaton’
We could instead think of it as a ‘continuum’
Or a scale (from 0% to 100%)

Perhaps humans are highest on the scale
But do you
(…yes, you)
Do you have ‘100% free will’?
You make your choices
With a brain you didn’t choose
And you were shaped
By environmental circumstances
That were not of your own making

The way you recoil automatically from a hot stove
Or ice cold water
Before your conscious mind has the chance to get involved.

article about free will - black and white architecture
Photo by Free-Photos (Pixabay)

Multiple studies of the brain
Have shown that
We make decisions
Before our conscious mind is aware of them
And that the conscious mind
Works a little more like ‘the PR team’
And a less like ‘the president’
Insofar as the conscious mind
Finds ways to justify what was done,
After the decision was made.

Another related point
There seems to be some agreement
Amongst people who are a lot smarter than me
That a certain amount of quantum mechanical randomness
Is ‘built into’ the electrochemical processes of the brain.
It’s built into everything
But the point still stands

Put another way
It seems that
You’re behind the control panel
And you think you’re pulling the levers
But the device is operating under its own power
The device is doing a great job
Of making you think that you’re in control.

Cover Photo by MichaelGaida (Pixabay)

#Idea – More Problems with ‘White’ Identity / 24.03.19

Referring to all ‘non-white people’ as ‘ethnic minorities’
And all ‘non-white culture’ as ‘ethnic’
Reinforces the idea that ‘white’
Is the ‘default’ for everything
And that
All white cultures and people are all the same,
Simply ‘white’.

This ‘normalisation’ of whiteness
(…at the possible expense of everyone else)
It all seems a bit reductionist
This is
Some sort of
White ethnocentric world view
That simultaneously homogenises Caucasian culture
While putting everybody else into a ‘non-white’ box
This is,
(…dare I say)
A little racist for everyone involved.

And on another, somewhat related note
If we look at the world as a whole
White people are technically a minority
As the Han Chinese are the largest social group on the planet.

Does this count for anything?
I don’t know.

Photo by afrazeirfan04 (Pixabay)

#Idea – Jesus / 08.03.19

Something for Christians to consider: 

In the entire account of Jesus’ earthly life
The only thing that really got him angry
Was the financial industry.

I refer, of course, to the ‘cleansing of the temple’.

Consider this
And contrast it to
The popularity of ‘prosperity theology’ today.
How much that modern ‘financialised’ Christian countries
Depend upon commerce and capital.

Assuming that
We didn’t kill or commit him beforehand
What would he make of all this,
Were he to come back today?

#Idea – Work / 16.11.18

If your work provides no meaning, or joy to you
You are wasting your life at it.

Or at least
You are wasting the part of your life
That you spend working.

“If one wanted to crush and destroy a man entirely, to mete out to him the most terrible punishment, all one would have to do would be to make him do work that was completely and utterly devoid of usefulness and meaning.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky


Photo by ericksonkee

#Idea – On ‘Taking’ the Offence That People Offer You / 14.10.18

If you take offence where none was intended
You have chosen to take something that is offered to you.

That is entirely your choice,
Your problem
And no one else’s.

Having taken offence
You go so far as to make this someone else’s problem.

This is how we conjure new problems out of thin air.

Photo by streetwrk.com

#ThoughtExperiment – The Victorian Working Class Fucking For The Sake Of Their Future Descendants / 18.08.18

This is about hope.

Do you think that our ancestors,
During the grimmest times in history
Ever considered that they just had to survive
And fuck?

So that one day
Their distant descendants could enjoy living in a world of opportunity,
Free from all the drudgery and misery that typified their daily lives?

Many parents tend to think about building a better world for their children.
Maybe this, in a roundabout, drawn-out way,
Is how we got from living in caves
To having more than enough.

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#idea – 80% of business books that will be released in 2018 / 15.08.18

Take a point that can be made in 1-2 pages
Fluff it up to 200 pages
Fill it liberally with platitudes and anecdotal stories
(…the majority of which the reader has already read in similar books).

Optional: if you’re a coach or service provider, lots of thinly disguised sales patter about what you do.

And then the final touch:
A flat colour heavy cover and a £14.99/$19.99 price tag.
= Profit

With thanks to Aubrey Marcus.

Photo by Boztay_Akimkhan (Pixabay)