#Idea – Philosophy to Technology / 11.09.21

Many of our future technological problems 
Begin as philosophical problems. 

Put another way;
You can begin to solve a philosophical problem now
In order (…perhaps) not to have a technological problem later. 

This is will be increasingly important as technology grows more powerful.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

#Idea – The Clickfunnels Money Saving Algorithm / 24.10.21

The moment you realise that you’re on a Clickfunnels page
(…which should be easy, since these pages follow a template designed to make you scroll down and eventually click the ‘buy ‘button)
Don’t think about it too much,
Just close the page.

You could also apply this approach to any squeeze page that you end up on.

Image by Mark Roentahlenberg from Pixabay

#Idea – Machine Learning Vs. Making Your Own Shitty Decisions / 17.01.21

Here’s a dilemma we already face
(…in opening stages, at least)
Making your own decisions independently
Allowing your decisions to be guided by AI.

Many of us already depend on AI to make decisions
Arguably, lower stakes decisions
Product recommendations
Navigation decisions
What media to consume next*

As AI gets better at making suggestions
Where (…if at all)
Will you draw the line?

Image by 畅 苏 from Pixabay

Will you let it guide you on the more important decisions?
What partner to choose?
What career to follow?
Who to vote for?
What to believe?**

Of course,
Such AI-guided decisions will be better decisions
Because AI will know you
Better than you know you.

Put another way
Would you rather make your own decisions?
Would you rather make better decisions?

*Arguably a high stakes decision: – your values can be shaped by your media consumption. Consider the Youtube ‘rabbit hole’- which has a hole on the other side from which you emerge, fully radicalised.

**See asterisk one.

Cover Image by xresch from Pixabay