#ThoughtExperiment – Chasing Novelty / 06.04.13

Whether we like it or not, we humans (usually) crave novelty. Quite obviously, it excites us.

We want new things to do. Mind altering drugs to take and mental spaces to uncover. New lovers to experience. New places to explore. Greener grasses to stand on.

We get bored of ‘old stuff’.

But maybe there’s an easier way to get this feeling, this excitement we’re chasing.

Maybe life can be about ringing every drop of meaning and significance out of the mundane and the present.

Making the ‘normal’ or ‘boring’ experience a novel one.

Seeing the incredible depth, awesome complexity and infinite richness in everything, no matter how ‘exciting’ what you are looking at or experiencing is.

Not becoming jaded.

And not just chasing novelty for the sake of it.

Maybe this is what it is to experience life fully.

Never to be bored again.

Never to be running away from where or what you are.

Maybe this is contentment.


digital tunnel photo
Photo by Transformer18