#idea – Personal problems / 16.09.17

Most people (but not all people)
Don’t want to know about your problems
As they are far too busy with their own.

Helping another person with their problems
Can actually help you to take your mind off of your own.

There is no ‘secret to being happy’
But helping other people is one of the things that has contributed most to my happiness.

It’s something I wish someone had told me in those days long ago when I was very depressed.

Photo by StockSnap (Pixabay)

#Poem – 31.05.15 / There Is No Darkness To Dispel

There is no darkness to dispel
And there is nothing wrong in Creation
There is no dogma
In which it is worth trading
A miraculous present
For an unlikely future

This universe came from nothing
And will return to nothing in the end
As did you
As will you

Many things will happen here
During your
Relatively brief but exciting interval
As a thing that exists
As a ‘parentheses in eternity’

And so
There is no reason to be upset
And so
There is nothing to fear
And so
One day you will return
To where you came from
As natural as the sun setting

The darkness is your friend
And has always been
There is no darkness to dispel

black and white starry sky photo
Photo by Ihagee86