#Idea – ‘The Slot Machine’ / 13.01.13

Think about a slot machine that unfailingly paid out a very small amount of money.

It’d also run out of coins quickly as savvy and very cheap people took advantage of its generosity

But people wouldn’t have the same amount of fun playing it. The slot machine would become a ‘job’.

The turning of the handle and watching the numbers spin would no longer be exciting and mysterious, it’d be just a measurable condition of the work process. Some sort of indicator or something.

We would much rather have the small offchance that there could be a big payday, even though statistically ‘the house always wins’. And the danger that losing money presents is compulsive and exciting.

Sure, many want certainty, but once they get it, they grow restless and bored.

And thus, bored, many of us will throw ourselves into and at the big payoff, just for the sake of it. We’ll risk everything, even though there’s a much less risky (though often longer) way to get what we want. Gambling. Hard drink. Drugs. Self harm. Compulsive spending. Running your mouth. Whatever.


This is partly because we are lazy and we want ‘it’ now. The all pervasive ego demanding ‘immediate gratification’.And it’s partly because we’re fucking bored and the creative urge is also the destructive urge and the destructive urge wants to say ‘fuck it’ and fucking destroy everything just because it can.

Because destruction brings change and renewal, and these bring new and exciting things. Afterall, change is one of the only certainties in this existence.

So there has be a challenge, something to overcome, something new to explore, something to change.

What are the alternatives? The slow death of the easy life. The midlife crisis or existential boredom gnawing at your soul until you can’t face it anymore and you have force a change. And destroy something. Possibly yourself. Until finally, you can FEEL something again. Feel life. Feel vitality. Feel power.

Everybody needs things to conquer, enemies to defeat and effigies to burn. And I guess it really comes down to how we go about it.

Whatever is created will be eventually be destroyed. You, as a creator of things, should remember this…

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