#Idea – ‘Our Age Of Extremes’ / 06.08.13

We live in an age of extremes.
At least, perceived extremes.
Magnified excitement.
In large part we can ‘thank’ the media we consume.

And to clarify, I’m not just talking about news, but popular things such as cinema, TV, games, and so on…

Media puts emphasis on the biggest, strongest, fastest.
Thinnest, fattest, most virtuous, least virtuous.
The opposite and extreme ends of the spectrum.
The cartoon caricatures.
The troughs on the bell curve.

Is it any wonder that our perception of normality is supposedly screwed up even before we’ve left childhood?

What the fuck is going on?

In fact, your kid years are some of the times you are most exposed to these influences. Think how many hours are spent with the TV, the games consoles, and when your mind is at its most receptive.

Body image perceptions, material ‘needs’, self concept – all fucked up by believing too greatly in the hyperbolic messages that come up day after day after day. Messages you’re exposed to so frequently that you forget that they’re not ‘normal.’ At least, not statistically normal.

(As in; you’re much more unlikely to run into them in the world beyond your TV/smartphone or computer screen)

Not everybody’s a millionaire entertainment industry playboy, despite what they’re telling you/selling you. And the rare few that do fall into that category probably still have the familiar cloud of doubts, personal problems and mental baggage that most ‘unenlightened’ humans carry about with them.

There is no perfect life, just incremental improvements and strong ideas some people try to convince us of.

Braggadocio ≠ reality as it is.

The more time we spend consuming this media, the more attention we expend on life’s extremes, forgetting that life *does* exist in ‘the middle’ and that the middle doesn’t have to equate to boring or inferior or anything else particularly negative at all.

It’s the same phenomena that makes it so hard to eat simple healthy meals when we are habituated to years of consuming tastebud beguiling, highly processed food products.

We are made to forget. We are deceived. Sometimes purposefully and sometimes by accident.

Yes, in reality the world’s more ‘boring’ and less skewed than the media make it out to be.

But boring doesn’t sell.

And excitement does…

buddha face photo
Photo by Chi King

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