#ThoughtExperiment – Millions of Friends That Die Before You Discover Them / 12.01.19

Assuming that you’re a ‘normal’, ‘sociable’ person:
You have a group of people you’re close to.
You have love and compassion for them,
And if you were to lose any of these people, you’d mourn them.

And yet
There are countless people out there that,
If you got to know about them
You’d be sad to lose.

(Perhaps not all people,
Perhaps there are some people
That you’d never get along with, or care for

And yet
Why must you wait until you know someone
To feel compassion for them?
Dunbar’s Number?
Enlightened self-interest?
Something else?

black and white crowd photo
Photo by x1klima

The Buddhists (bless them) tell us to expand our compassion to encompass all beings
Very noble, yes.
But is it really doable?
It sounds exhausting,
Spiritually taxing.

If 151,600 people pass away each day
(…as the internet has just told me)
How many of them could have been your friend?
Given the chance?

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Photo by eschipul