#Poem – 15.02.15

Justice has a humble face
And looks kindly on the tyranny
Of material things
Spread disparate
Amongst our gifted race
Legislature said:
Possession is nine tenths of the law
And was established by a justice
That hungered for more
Inequality is in no condition,
To be something
But an obstruction
To the power race
“…you could have it all
if you want it enough”
This world is such
A hopeful place

#Poem – Seeking Alpha / 19.05.13

In seeking Alpha
I became
The perversion of prosperity
Into predatory capital
Now on the hunt
And acting upon
An assimilatory stratagem
I advance…
Outward, righteous
Inward, Janus Face
I’m the artless coercion,
Then the creeping dismay
The zero sum game,
And that all consuming need
To reallocate…
And the moral compass…
It points nowhere
Cos I’m deregulated,
But sick, you see
With compulsions
That I must chase
Money to make,
Debts to pay…
And when I finally find Alpha
I’ll hedge my bets
And with no regrets
Sell my soul
And this world away…
black and white trading charts photo
Photo by davidmesaaz


#Poem – 03.03.2015 / ’27’

Just another marker
On some road
Some metaphor done to death
Pointing at death
Some sign that you’d rather not see
Another fact that you’d rather not be reminded of
Just another placeholder or arbitrary space
Some individual occurrence
Some wonderful rare thing that you’re supposed to celebrate
Some superficial notch in a supreme line
It arcs backwards
And forwards
Towards infinity
And somewhere amongst it is that little parentheses in eternity
You, us.
Perhaps put there just to mark the passage of time
Perhaps some subtle reminder of the trend towards entropy
Perhaps something else
What of it?
Should you be happy?
Another year conquered
Another year behind you
Another year ahead and many more?
Would that it was
And what the fuck is a year anyway?
You don’t remember them
You can’t remember them
You don’t know
You never knew
And you don’t want to know
You don’t want to give a fuck
You don’t want to know about time
And where it’s taking you
You want it to stop moving
You want it all to stop
black and white rainy window photo
Photo by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

#ThoughtExperiment – Compassion

Is there ever a time when absolute kindness or compassion isn’t right for the situation?

Acting with absolute compassion would probably have resulted in the extinction of humanity a few thousands of years ago.

Consider this: If the ancestor of the enlightened Lama had starved because he chose not to eat the wooly mammoth, he who today preaches compassion to animals may never have been born.

Like everything – maybe kindness or compassion needs to be moderated (but not too much?)

Contrary opinions welcome – the cognitive dissonance is hurting me.

black and white baby animal photo
Photo by smbuckley23

#Poem – 29.12.14

To be born
Was to be human
And to be human
Was the great leveller
To be human
Was an opportunity
Everyone was given
Most had their time in the sun
Though some were born too early
And some were born too late

All lived
All died
Some lived for the joy of it
Some lived because they were afraid to die
Some were happy
Some were not
Only a few rose above their limitations
These they called ‘prophets’
Or ‘gods’
Some were worshipped
Some were ignored
Many were killed
Some of them had their teachings written down
Most did not
Mostly their teachings were misunderstood
And later corrupted
And later their names were used
And their teachings were used
As justifications
As convenient fiction
And so realisation became dogma
And many more had to die
In its name

And so each age passed
As each age before it had
And every lesson had to be relearned
With each generation
And so it had to begin again
As the sun rose again
And what we learnt from history
Was that we didn’t learn from history

Ever it was
Ever it will be

humanity black and white photo
Photo by JamesDPhotography