#Poem – TRAPPIST-1 / 01.03.17

Your feet touch the floor of a building
And that building touches the sky
The sky touches the atmosphere
And the space between the stars
And more spaces,
More stars,
More places.

And maybe there is another person
In one of those places
Millions of years or light years away
Their feet, if they have feet
Touching the ground,
If they have a ground to stand on
Their understanding
If they have an understanding
Of the universe
As we think we understand it.

Maybe they think alien thoughts
Of the unbroken chain
An interlinkage
The unbroken series of events
Maybe this person spares a thought for you
And wonders in an alien way
What you might be like.

Photo by Rod Waddington

#Idea – The Signal To Noise Ratio Is Getting Worse / 01.03.17

The amount of information we are exposed to continues to increase
But the amount of meaning we can make from this information
Hasn’t necessarily increased along with it.

And so
You could say that
As time goes on
When it comes to The Human Condition
(…or ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’)
That the signal to noise ratio is in decline.