#Idea – The Signal To Noise Ratio Is Getting Worse / 01.03.17

The amount of information we are exposed to continues to increase
But the amount of meaning we can make from this information
Hasn’t necessarily increased along with it.

And so
You could say that
As time goes on
When it comes to The Human Condition
(…or ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’)
That the signal to noise ratio is in decline.

#Poem – 16.01.17

You once said that I should write a poem
That covered how hard it was to write a poem
So I did;

The poets who spoke of love
Laid down the groundwork before me
They said everything that needed to be said
A thousand or more years before I was born
They took the best of it for themselves
Leaving us with what appears to be
Literary pitfalls
And romantic cliches
In their own way
These people knew
How to describe you in the candlelight
And I wonder if there are any words left for me to try
It feels as if
There isn’t
But words will have to do
Because I think they are all I have

These words
It’s like I need more of them
Or better words
My current supply
Does not
And cannot
The frame of mind I find myself in today
The things I want to tell you
Like my recall;
The touch of your skin
The smell of your hair
The sounds you made as I stroked your back
This cannot possibly come close to
A description of the feelings
I have gone through
Since first seeing you
And walking out of your door

I clearly need a new language
To describe things
Like what it’s like
To look into those lapis blue eyes
Or what the sound of your laughter
Feels like
Or the shape of your face
Framed otherworldly in the light of a wintery late afternoon
As you stood by the window looking out into the courtyard
That smile you gave me over dinner
Or the way you cocked your head like an owl
Supposedly a thing that I do myself

Words are a limited means of conveyance
Especially for experiences
Deep like these
No metaphor I can reach for
Feels like it hasn’t been done to death
No commentary on the human experience
Or the human condition
Lit up by love
Has not been said better
By someone who can say it better than I

What is there left to say really?
Other than how easy it is to say ‘I love you’
But how hard it is to describe how much I love you