#Idea – Jesus / 08.03.19

Something for Christians to consider: 

In the entire account of Jesus’ earthly life
The only thing that really got him angry
Was the financial industry.

I refer, of course, to the ‘cleansing of the temple’.

Consider this
And contrast it to
The popularity of ‘prosperity theology’ today.
How much that modern ‘financialised’ Christian countries
Depend upon commerce and capital.

Assuming that
We didn’t kill or commit him beforehand
What would he make of all this,
Were he to come back today?

#Idea – A Little Asceticism Enriches Your Life / 12.02.19

Comfort costs you money
Money costs you time
Time is all you really have
(…because you trade your time for money).

Comfort costs you the only currency of your life – your time.

Put another way, comfort makes you a slave
Because you have to work for it.

What happens if your comfort is taken from you?

Replace ‘comfort’ with ‘things’ and the logic still holds.

With thanks to the guy from CheapRVLiving for the idea.