#Poem – 13.07.15

This Era is dying
It can no longer sustain itself
It can no longer comprehend
The Perennial Philosophy
It seeks
That cannot be found
By anyone
It seeks
To alleviate the burden
It took up when it began to exist
It seeks experiences
That distract it from experience
It seeks
A reason to be
And should it find one
It would not satisfied with it
It seeks to understand
Things that cannot be understood
And if they could be understood
Would still mean nothing
Count for nothing
And be good for nothing

Thirsty for knowledge
Fixated on More
And speed
And achievement
And aggrandisement
And validation
And distraction
This echo chamber of
Unhappy minds
Is a world
Now conjoined in a
Permanent congress of distress
Distracted and
Trapped in some quiet nightmare
The endgame
Of some endless struggle
And it has long forgotten
How it got this way

But still it continues
Nobody’s impressed anymore
Everyone’s got such expectations
Of everything
And everyone
Or are so beaten down
That they expect
Nothing at all
And some
Wonder what the point of it all is
And some wonder
For all the reasons in the world
What happened?
And why
The Third Eye went blind

black and white city lights photo
Photo by frankieleon

#Poem – 14.10.15

Next time you look at the sun
Let it be a reminder to you
That we are all
On a ball of spinning rock and iron
Tearing through space at 30 kilometres per second
And that your perspective has been annihilated
By the life you lead
And the world you live in and upon

Perhaps some will tell you
To think of such things
Is madness
Or meaningless
And that a million generations
Have probably lived their lives
Without ever knowing or considering such a thing
And whilst this is true
A little perspective may alleviate
The problems
And the dramas
And the pain
In your life

Because in this light
There is the realisation:
That your life
And your problems
And your dramas
And your pain
All are like raindrops
That fall upon the river
And that river that
Rolls into the sea
And that sea
One day will dry
Before the world dies
….and that you worry too much

And that in this light
Nothing really matters
Unless you want it to matter
And this short life
Is entirely meaningless
And in that
You get to ascribe your own meaning
And interpretations
To this short life
And since this is a short life
It is much too short
To give iotas of fuck
To the things that do not deserve them
And that your viewpoint of the universe
From this spinning ball of rock and metal
May be somewhat limited
By the fact that you are just a monkey
With an oversized brain
Nice things
And a bank account

But this view
Is the only view you’ll ever have
And it could be pretty amazing
If you let it…

black and white sunset  photo
Photo by Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One Magazine


#Poem – 19.09.15 II

The past continues
Much as it ever did
As memories distort it
To conform
To some sort of
Ongoing personal narrative
The eventual direction
And purpose
Of which
Will never be truly understood
By anything
It could be seen as
A rapidly disintegrating
Vapour trail
Leading back towards
An enigma
Of which we know nothing
And never did
Or a path
That can be never retread
And yet
We put so much faith
In the past
How entirely inaccessible it is
How very talented we are
At deluding ourselves
And what do we know
Of anything?
We pay no attention
So busy
Authoring this
Life story
Which is
Just a tale
By a madman
Full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing
But that’s ok
It doesn’t have to mean anything
Unless you want it to
Maybe you do
I know I do
This world
It’s insane
We’re all insane
That’s ok too
I suppose
All I’m looking for right now
An equally insane person
With whom I could share
Soft spoken
Inconsequential words
An inconsequential life
And long dark nights
In the light of the world burning…

#Poem – 21.07.15

We all got the diagnosis:
‘Human Condition’
But we’re not suffering from it
We’re fucking revelling in it
Admiring each other’s imperfections
And riding a psychospiritual slipstream
Down the rabbit hole
Into the grave
At a billion miles an hour
Every day
The wind on our faces
Having a stupid time
Having a glorious stupid time!
Remembering to revel
In the revelations
And whilst there is the time to
Which is all the time there is
We live together
We die together
And, if there is a God
Then, when you were born
That God gave you a gift
The ability to love
The ability to suffer
The ability to be irrational
And stupid
And embrace the moron tendencies of your idiot heart
Because you are not a machine
You are flesh
And bone
And catecholamines
And bad ideas
Loosely tied together
By an excessive self concept
Excessive self control
The devious workings of the genes
And those diminishing memories
And you’re slowly falling apart
But you are not a machine
And there’s no algorithm
That can do what you do
When you see something
Or someone that you care for

#Poem – 26.06.15

You tend to get
What you expect
Though sometimes
You don’t
And sometimes your expectations
Are hindrances to your understanding
And though sometimes you feel like
You’ll never understand it
…maybe you were never meant to understand it
Perhaps ‘understanding’
Is a bold claim to make
In a universe of infinite complexityBut
Don’t feel dejected
For a precondition of life
Is confusion
And the odd delusion
Some people call it
The Human Condition

Life is magic
And misdirection
In looking up
One day
The world might look a little better
The sun might shine a little brighter
Your good fortune
And your tragedies
They matter neither way
Unless you need them to

And for the main part
It’s all in your head
All of it
Your entire life
The thing that you dreamed up
In that interval between the time you spent breathing
And not breathing

A view is just a perspective
At a given point in time
A memory is just a perspective
Of a given point in time
Time will advance
All these views
And these memories
All these things
That you once knew
You might be left wondering
Why you believed them in the first place

Despite this
The world will not deterred from turning
Money must be made
Everybody’s gotta eat
And so
The sun will rise
The gods will laugh
And play games
The people will laugh
And play games
Until there are no more people
And no more gods
Just a turning earth
Alone in the cosmos

And we are told that one day
This earth will pulled into the sun
Swallowed whole in the First Dredge Up
Reduced into atoms
Then redistributed evenly

And we are told
That one day
That this sun
And this cosmos
Will dissolve entirely…

…you and me and everybody
The people you never met
And all the people you did
Everybody you loved
Everybody you didn’t
All of us as nothing
All together at last

And one day
If you could call it a day
It might all return
To start again
Or it might not
Who can say?
Why care?

Understanding is not a prerequisite
Control is not a prerequisite
There are no prerequisites
No understanding
No control
There is just the blood in your veins
The world that you live on
The life that looks back at you
And the ideas in your head

And should you live
To see the dawning
Of another day
‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may’

earth from space black and white photo
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video