#Poem – 29.12.14

To be born
Was to be human
And to be human
Was the great leveller
To be human
Was an opportunity
Everyone was given
Most had their time in the sun
Though some were born too early
And some were born too late

All lived
All died
Some lived for the joy of it
Some lived because they were afraid to die
Some were happy
Some were not
Only a few rose above their limitations
These they called ‘prophets’
Or ‘gods’
Some were worshipped
Some were ignored
Many were killed
Some of them had their teachings written down
Most did not
Mostly their teachings were misunderstood
And later corrupted
And later their names were used
And their teachings were used
As justifications
As convenient fiction
And so realisation became dogma
And many more had to die
In its name

And so each age passed
As each age before it had
And every lesson had to be relearned
With each generation
And so it had to begin again
As the sun rose again
And what we learnt from history
Was that we didn’t learn from history

Ever it was
Ever it will be

humanity black and white photo
Photo by JamesDPhotography



#Idea – Thoughts on the ‘Digital Legacy’ / 05.01.15

‘Not mad, just sad’ as someone once said…

About what?

Earlier this month I stumbled across the Facebook profile of a man who is no longer alive, one of my Facebook contacts, an open networker and a businessman by the looks of it.

So yes, he’s gone, but his profile is still active. In his absence, it is now entirely RAMMED with spammy advertisements tagged by various Malyasian(?) and Indian ‘business contacts’ (it may be better to describe them as ‘grammatically impossible advertising fuckwits’).

They pedal the same old – miracle weight loss, pharmaceuticals, social media success guides, et al, ad nauseum. I’m not even sure if these people are real, bots, or some combination of the two. And I can’t scroll down far enough to see his own posts, or anything from his loved ones. There’s just too much shit on there now.

Regardless of who/what they are, the effect is the same – his own ideas, the messages from/to his loved ones, the pictures of things that mattered to him, the things he wanted us to see… his digital legacy on Facebook (if he had one) COMPLETELY swallowed up by shallow advertising. Or at least it has been from where I can see.

I dunno how you feel about, but it is one of the saddest things I have seen in a long time. It absolutely crushes me. And I never even knew the guy – how must it be for those who loved him?


As with everything, you can choose to draw whatever lesson you like from this, existential, economical, whatever.

Perhaps a new/novel pinnacle of bad taste is reached in spamming the wall of a deceased man with scams and self promotion? Perhaps it’s a sign of the times? Maybe I’m just too emotional for my own good and it doesn’t matter because the guy is gone and he’s not gonna notice anyway?

I claim no comprehension, and no answers. I am just…bleak.

But yeah, regardless of all that, one thing that’s worth considering are your Facebook privacy settings and the kind of people you let into your worldly and digital life.

Google ‘digital legacy’ if you wish to explore this subject further.

Carpe diem and lots of love to you from me, whoever you are.

Also please don’t spam my wall cos I might not be around to delete it one day

technology black and white photo
Photo by mhester