#ThoughtExperiment – The Problem With Your Imagination / Thought Confines Itself

Theoretically, your imagination is infinite but limited by what you imagine is the limitation on your imagination.

Put another way: your imagination is only limited by what you imagine you can imagine

And so…thought confines itself.

…how imaginative :3

black and white trippy photo
Photo by Free Grunge Textures – www.freestock.ca

#Poem – Cathedral Builder

I dissect the belief systems of the world
With all the devices stored in the recesses of my culture
I am all spent up in the use of my spite
But on command can summon up:
A towering fanaticism which moves mountains
Burns cities
And builds cathedrals on the remains

I have created
Impossible outcomes with the holiest of motives
I pervade
I persuade
I drive scholars and clerics insane

cathedral black and white photo
Photo by Morten Diesen

#Poem – Primordial

Out of Life
Emerges I:
And with tentative steps,
I stride, newly dry,
Away from the ocean bed
And after decades then decide
To remain submerged and default to dead
To swim amongst the spectres

In Lethe
My psyche surges in between
Offbeats and
Terrible curses wished upon the living
With corporeal lungs I do not need
To eat, be happy or even breathe
But I must circulate something through my illusory frame
To remain the same
My affinity with the evil deeds that play out
Increases again, in proportion to my hours spent…
And for me, the after life is a short time
Spent swimming in circles
And waiting to evolve past oversights
That I may re-emerge again
For another try

black and white church photo
Photo by Luke Peterson Photography


#Idea – 28.04.16 / On the world seen from the perspective of our ‘Modern, Western life’

We look back (and down) on cultures separated from us by time and distance.
And we often remark at how far we have come.
(…or, if this culture still exists, how far they have yet to come)
Those who are primitive often do not know they are primitive
And those who are wrong do not know they are wrong.

And how are we so sure that we’re any different?
Only perspective will tell, and perspective is a retrospective phenomenon.
Perhaps we should give it a few hundred years.
Before we make such grand pronouncements about the state of things today.
And how ‘advanced’ our culture is.
Though by that time it’ll probably too late.

“Show me a cultural relativist at 30,000 feet and I’ll show you a hypocrite … If you are flying to an international congress of anthropologists or literary critics, the reason you will probably get there – the reason you don’t plummet into a ploughed field – is that a lot of Western scientifically trained engineers have got their sums right.” – Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden

Photo by Becca Swift

#Poem – Hollywood / 03.02.16

My market is:
Fame seekers
Advocates and zealots
I promise spectacular outcomes
And lead on those who are jealous
Or have given enough thought
And spared time enough to validate me.

I climb up your hopeful back
And I grip as tightly as I can
To my participants I whisper plans,
Continue to claim interest on mindshare
Until the day my true nature is unveiled.

And, after rational analysis, or during the breakdown
I leap off and scuttle away
To define new desires
And find further victims to inspire

black and white hollywood photo
Photo by wwarby