#ThoughtExperiment – Death and Now are better perspectives on ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’

Like many phenomena (i.e ‘non tangible things that exist only as ideas/perceptions in the heads of people’)

‘Failure’ or ‘Success’ (as these apply to you) are only matters of perspective – informed more by time than anything.

Let’s take getting a ‘good job’ as an example.

Say at 12 months into the job search you finally get the job you want.
But 6 months ago it all looked pretty shit and you honestly wondered if you’d ever be employed again.
At 6 months you feel yourself to be ‘a failure’.
Whereas at 12 months you are ‘a success’

Plot twist: 18 months later you lose that job and you are again ‘a failure’

Which of these is right?
All of them and none of them.
They were ‘right’ at the time insofar as they affected your world view and self concept.
But seen in the longer term, they were just states of mind – neither right nor wrong, but not meaningless either.
Of course, this is to disregard that if you see yourself  as a ‘failure’, you may not be open to the certain opportunities that the world would like to drop onto your lap…

And so you will continue to ‘fail’ (i.e: negative self concept as a feedback loop)

So, disregarding the fact that the definition of success or failure is partly an illusion created by peer pressure and society and that there is no way you will ever really escape the clutches of the zeitgeist (or your peer group…)


All that matters is how you feel about yourself Now (since the present moment is all you have)

Put another way: what if you are currently ‘failing’ as part of a ‘successful’ something else later down the line?
Or life is setting you up for a spectacular fall?
You don’t know – maybe don’t be so quick to assume that things aren’t woking out for you.
Or that they are.

There are few ‘sure bets’ in life but change is one.

As is death.

Perhaps the truest perspective you’ll eve get is how you feel about it all at your death.
When you can finally ‘see the forest for the trees’ (or as close to that as is possible whilst being hindered by your personal perspective).
When you have no illusory future left to find any more perspective in.
Then you will know if you have ‘failed’ or ‘succeeded’ or if it was all meaningless.

(…and I have a hunch that you’ll take option 3)

Regardless of how you feel about yourself and your life right now, remember that it’s passing, and that it’s fleeting.
You can ‘decide to be a success’ right now and perhaps act towards it.
Or you can try and throw off these socially constructed conceptions of  success and failure.
Or you can do nothing, which I think is what most people do.

That’s fine too.

Of course, this has all been said before:

“Were you to live three thousand years, or even thirty thousand, remember that the sole life which a man can lose is that which he is living at the moment…he can have no other life than the one he loses. For the passing minute is every man’s equal possession, but what has once gone by is not ours.” – Marcus Aurelius

#Poem – Katrina

Fuelled by the heat of the sun
And rainclouds pulled into a desperate vortex
Corresponding with the earth’s spin
I am modulated to the frequency of thunder
And acres of sheet advancing across a roiling sky
Slowly moving maelstrom eye:
That is I
Falling further out of thermal equilibrium
And about to collapse.
Desperate to to repair my position
To heal this wound in the troposphere
I make slow moves towards the landmass
Where conditions are, perhaps, more forgiving
Where you live.
My one wish to dissolve and again be faceless
Existing only as the lonely wind
Drifting amongst the slipstreams

Sharing one part of form with the ocean
The other part with the sky:
I have little choice but to try make restorations
Before the waters absorb me
Did you ever see the winds die? No.
And I will not drown

Therefore I move and am headed for contact
With the places you have built by the sea.

They’re never happy.
And I suppose
Mother Earth should have known better
Than to ask for me

hurricane black and white photo
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

#Poem – Fixation

ingrained invisible_

you’ll feel me
_but never see me

i’m asleep beside a typewriter_
and perpetually_
tapping out

a dire philosophy_

theres just enough ink here

for you to drink_
should you choose to

given time i can find_all

the terrible kinks_
in your cerebral armoury_
stay or i’ll lose you_

today is found between the hemispheres

and together we will work through_
diagnostic arrears

_and we will guide you
around a little dichotomy

and when surprised, we will trap you_
via partial lobotomy_
in the infinite loop

you’ll dive down deep_
a blissful thank you

thoughts of slavery,_ominous phobias_

all clever ideas that you shared_

to be human is to be fixated
and unprepared_

only seeing pieces of a whole_

surrendering your secrets_

renouncing the animal_

you’ve been playing a role_

too much process for inquiry to solve

the machine still runs with smashed cogs_
processing minutiae in a perceptive smog_

calibrating a narrowband insanity

you can rewrite equations in process logs_

secrets sealed_

too real to be unreal_


asylum black and white photo
Photo by artwork_rebel