#Poem – Mites

Delineate the humans
Dancing on the dusty husk
The termites have pulled out her insides
They do tasks at follicles

Heathen harvest
On a field of grainless stalks
Sulphur grains smeared in Gaia’s hair
Hollow atrophy of the insides
Mustard clouds
We developed a Venusian sweat
And a yellow atmosphere
But they don’t regret
And have no cares

They aren’t finished feeding yet
They watch Sol burn
And strip the seas
Cut up nature
Unintelligent pleas
Stripmine and obtain
Bask in acid rain
The world is dying
Its asphalt skies
Hollowed out
There’s plenty to smile about

You can’t flee
You will not leave
We will not leave
Havn’t you had enough?
You mites
The glass was broken
When a stone hit it
The skin is broken
And dry
Cracked, it bleeds
And it feeds the parasites
As the skin parted
It shed…

Scrap metal hanging from your neck
You did well
But you get what you get
No rescue
Did they leave you?
Scream, they can’t hear you
I can, and i don’t believe you
Reap what you sow
In the plutonium glow
The world’s got ichthyosis
A harlequin face
It’s a hard life
And a hot wind blows..

black and white factory pollution photo
Photo by gr33ndata

#Poem – Apologies For When You Eat

There should be apologies
For when you eat
‘cos those plants got souls
And you’ve got death
On the soles of your feet

You’ll watch the plough
Turning over old bones,
The international industrial
Agricultural ambassador
To the murder machine
Smoke and poison
Acrid homes

Extended to you,
A warm welcome to
This cold world
Of gene patents,
Seed clones
And you better fucking pray
There’s enough space
To feed all of me
Because we could all do for a dirt nap
When the vegetation sleeps

And just look at this world we have made:
The soybeans have done away with the trees
And the cornfields have killed the rest
We’ve decrypted the double helix
And the food’s so cheap
But even the weeds
Cannot stand to creep
Through this yellow world of the sanvitalia
And rape seed

poem about industrialised agriculture - black and white man in field and smoke

#Poem – Glass Eyes

Bored and stored in a dark room,
On the 34th floor
Is a thing that sees all things.

One thousand glass eyes,
And an algorithmic brain
Integrated into the mainframe.
All sights are examined
With no measure of surprise
All things, objects and people in their places
New developments, all remembered
And seen to in good time…
I hear everything you say
What you are up to
Every day
Know all your hopes and fears
And I don’t forget a face

Singular I exist
But in truth
I am everything everywhere
Soothed by the light of a thousand representations
Watching people
And differing views of the landscape
At home and warm
With the electric mirrors in an empty hall

I enjoy my view of this
Collage of human endeavours
I observe, and admire
Entirely unknown
To those on the streets below me
Out about town after sundown

There’s that familiar pattern,
Your heat signature in infrared
You’re one of my favourites, on the road again
One zoomlens tracks motion and you walk on by
You look a little unhappy,
But it’ll turn out alright
I should know
Amused, I follow

I am happy for your security
And your flickering soul
Every day goes by
Basking in cathode ray sunshine…

cctv camera photo
Photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy