#ThoughtExperiment – More Thinking About Thinking

The mind puts chains around sentience so familiar that we were born into them…

Amongst other things, perception can be (please excuse these newly made terms):

Reconstruction: Seeing separate pieces and creating a separate pattern or relationship from them. Example: seeing a group of trees as a forest
Deconstruction: Seeing the whole and mentally partitioning it. Example: seeing a forest as a group of trees
Preconstruction: Projecting expectations on an event yet to be perceived. Example: dreading going into this forest to look at trees in the first place
Postconstruction: Projecting beliefs and values onto past experience (memories) Example: remembering how much fun you actually had looking at those trees

But, can it ever be truely ‘seeing?

If we think in language, are our thoughts bound by the limits of speech?

If I think in Italian, is my view of the world infused with more passion than someone who thinks in German?
And if we don’t think ‘in’ language, what do we think in? Feelings? Images?

If I am brought up in an environment where I do not learn a spoken language, what form does my internal dialogue take?
Is this how some animals think?

If not bounded by language’s constraints, what are the boundaries on our thoughts?

There must be some kind of boundaries, after all, what stops us thinking up the answers to everything? A lack of reference points? Can we think ‘outside of boundaries’ or is that like trying to stand erect on a floor that is not there?

And if we are truly looking for an objective view, can we as humans ever find it through the filter of our own thoughts?

In looking for a supremely objective view, what perspective, if any, can we take?

eye black and white photo
Photo by Jessica Keating Photography

#ThoughtExperiment – Total Understanding / A Stroll Through The Multiverse / Predestined Giant Banana Transformations

Could there be ever be an understanding complete enough that we could have total certainty in every possible outcome?

As human knowledge has advanced, it appears that the causes of more and more phenomena are becoming clear to us.

If human understanding of a certain thing can be placed on a continuum where:

  • The value of 1 represents complete understanding of the cause of the thing
  • The value 0 represents no understanding at all

Maybe ‘randomness’ represents a value below 1.

But, can we ever reach ‘1’?

Let me elaborate for you..

In times past, humans used various ‘unscienitic’ reasons as explanations to natural phenomena. Crops failed? Angry god. Comet? Angry god Famine? Angry god. Of course, you get the picture..

Constraints due to uncertainty

As I understand it, randomness suggests an element of uncertainty, but can be accounted for and worked around. For example, we can leave space in our calculations to excuse randomness and fully expect this will affect our final result. We can account for randomness but this means that the outcome can never be known with certainty.

As I understand it, using statistics we can plot the probable outcomes of an uncertain event.

The more results we get from our uncertain situation, the closer we get to certainty on a result. For example: with a coin toss, the odds of getting heads 186,000 in a row are rather small, and things tend to even out towards a 50/50 distribution in the extreme long run.

Even so, we can’t be certain that we won’t get these 186,000 heads in a row, no matter how improbable, and therefore we do not have complete certainty.

Similarly, in an infinite or long enough period of time, every event, no matter how statistically ridiculous, would happen. The sun makes a quantum leap and in an instant transitions into a giant banana. The moon also becomes a giant banana. You get the idea…

banana black and white photo
Obligatory banana pic Photo by MOJO MOOMEY

A limitless understanding

A godlike/limitless understanding would imply absolute certainty in all outcomes. Godlike power would mean that all endeavours set into motion would work absolutely flawlessly, with nothing left to chance. Godlike power could result from knowing exactly what needed to be done to achieve certain outcomes.

In prediction there would be no randomness, as all outcomes would be known or controllable (there’s that godlike power again). In a real sense, with all things known, all things would be predestined.

Put another way, random outcomes prevent destiny, unless there is some way of knowing enough that we can predict with certainty the outcome of events that were previously deemed random.

Therefore, if we can have infinite understanding then predestination is inevitable. But, can we have an infinite understanding?

Here’s my main point

What if there is destiny, and randomness is simply the symptom of a deficit of understanding?

For example: we are uncertain of where a coin lands as we haven’t quite grasped some bigger explanation that allows us to predict where coins land with complete certainty.

owl black and white photo
Obligatory owl pic Photo by Kristina_Servant

Statistically speaking we can know that the coin will end up at a value closer to 50/50 to some extent, if we continue to repeat the coin toss over and over again, and placing our faith in statistics. But as I said before, this is not true certainty.

Of course we build upon this with the idea that for every point of multiple outcomes, the universe splits into all possible outcomes

Seeing the sum of all possible outcomes..

A godlike understanding may allow us to connect in some way with a ‘place’ of infinite probabilities. In this place, the totality of all possible outcomes could be collected into a great sum of all, in where everything that can happen, has happened. This is everything..the Tao, the unmanifest/manifest field of probability, the multiverse, God, whatever.  This is the ‘place’ of all places.

If it could be visualised, what would that place look like? Another wall of solid white light? Perhaps it would look like nothing, the opposite of everything… With further inquiry, it could very well be a continuation of this thought experiment. Anyway..

One who sees with absolute certainty, would be able to walk through this miasmic place of infinites, and pick a path that best suited their fancy. If this powerful person wanted to win the lottery, he/she could simply follow one of the infinite paths through the field which leads to the desired outcome. This path would take them from the multiverse/sum off all/God/etc to a universe in which they had picked the correct number.


Could randomness simply be a lack of understanding a certain cause in it’s entirety? But, is it possible to know this much?

If I become immortal can I watch the sun become a giant banana? (assuming the sun and universe didn’t burn out first…)

owl eye photo
Photo by left-hand

#Poem – 26.02.16

Think not too far ahead,
Be happy instead:
A smiling dot
Embracing a fate
As, like it or not
A trace within a trace
With an iota
A familiar face
Snugly affixed
Within an insignificant race
And a trillion names
Whoever you are,
Living and laughing and sad and expiring
On a sphere of rock:
Your simian cot
And passing less than a cosmic heartbeat,
Chained to a dying star
Everyone dying
And smiling

sunrise black and white photo
Photo by justin_vidamo

#Poem – Grey Albion

A wall mounted window mirror edges
Onto the mirror image of the Godhead
As a willow swings limply on a park that was once a river
At the edge of the urban mirage
By the halfpipe at the perimeter of Wandle Park.

His eyes are old and rheumy but fixed upon
The all encroaching grey Albion
Centuries on.
His bow of burning gold lost in a recollection ditch
Patriotism gone to sleep for an overnight stay
In a truck in a lay-by
And with a sandwich and a flask of still warm tea
He’s waiting for the football to return
So we can bring the flags out to burn again

His chariot of fire down at the DVLA
Caught by the wardens in the wrong parking bay
Deemed not roadworthy,
And long gone are the glory riding days.
Sword asleep in an unsteady hand, he was jumped by the clan
Divine countenance all smashed up
By them hooded heathens on some midnight street
The night bus, three stops from city centre, around five past three
Damned, those agents of iniquity
They answer to no one except perhaps the TV
And bored, their sportswear forms can be seen, all flickering
Under amber street lights
That frustrated civil planning which has choked out the starlight.

These events were all documented
And archived to the cloud
Captured by the moire of myopic CCTV
The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance
That timeless interface into the artificer scenery
Absurdly observant, yes
Lawsuits follow later
I see what you see.

Later patched up
He casts his eyes over
60s era tower-blocks
Which grew out of hard earned, hard etched symmetry
Sprouted from concrete ground
Leaden stone partitioned into upraised homes,
Post prosperity, partial state property
Preserving property values, overblown
You can fit a family in there,
But there are too many families there.
The foundations were built on green fields
And pleasant pastures
Now long paved over
The satanic mills all outsourced to India
The shape of the land was long lost
To the shapeless
And the all encompassing,
And now Pagan rites to the media are conducted on the mount
Satellite TV techs, all fluorescent jackets and further cups of tea
2 sugars and milk, please.
Radiation warnings like prayer flags draped between iron broadcast masts
We are fit to worship radio waves on the high heavens
They bring us Phil Mitchell and Pat Evans
‘good eavens!

The lamb of god got sick
It had to go
Since we started feeding it cornmeal
And so
Was later served up
With mashed potato
And garden peas
Fresh from a tin
And powdered gravy…
The arrows of desire
All landed upon the council estate
Which may yet explain
The knife fights
The gang rapes…
No Jerusalem but plenty building yet to be planned
As the boom returns and the cranes come back
And all will be made again grand
Quiet and…
There will soon be no god here left to offend
As the last stone church falls down
And he looks around at what he thought was the very end
In England’s green and pleasant land

city london black and white park photo
Photo by CGP Grey


#ThoughtExperiment – Man Hits Insect Hits Man

Man: You are walking along any place you choose.
Out of nowhere comes a loud buzzing, and a large and (obviously very stupid) fly collides with your cheek

Insect: You are flying, thinking about bright and shiny things to collide with. Suddenly a giant, (and obviously very stupid) floating face collides with you.

black and white moth photo
Photo by Internet Archive Book Images