‪#‎Poem‬ – 03.12.15

Business as usual
Is not usual
And you’re
Not usually
This affected
And not usually
Life isn’t bad
You get by
There are also
Good times
There are also times,
These times like today
You feel
Like a captive of fate
And you feel like
Your wings were clipped
Long ago
And you feel
You never signed up for this
Life you lead
And now
You must wait
For something to happen
For life to happen
Some way to escape
And that
You must
Sometime soon
There’s only so much waiting
Any one person can take
In the meantime
You must not complain
About the state of things
Or the place you find yourself in
In the meantime
You must be
On all accounts
And if the cracks are showing
You must smooth them out
Nobody wants to see that
Nobody needs to see that
And, should it start to show
Then straighten your spine:
And try not to contemplate
Try not to contemplate
Though it’s hard to forget
The minutes that make up
Your life
Try not to mourn their passing
These powerless minutes
As they are ground down
In increments
In waiting
Or in transit
It’s hard to forget
That the time before you
Is diminishing
As the time behind you
Is not
And all the while
You are wondering:
What the fuck happened?
And all the while
You must try
To get by
As it gets harder
To get by
And you must refrain
From giving the game away
Even though it’s getting harder
To hold on
The game
Is no fun anymore
You must
Try not to question
What you’re doing
Where you’re going
About the ennui
And why
Everyone else
Seems so entirely unaffected by it
And why
Everyone else
Seems so fucking happy
When you’re not.
And still
You’ve got to cling tighter
To that visage
Look sharp
And you’ve got to take
Better care of yourself my friend
And you’ve got to
Stop with all the questions already
And you’ve got to
Get on with it,
Every day
You must watch
This world turn
And you must wait
For your place
In the sun
And hope that you’re not dead
When that time comes

busy station photo
Photo by frankieleon

#Poem – 30.11.15

My species is dying
My planet will not be held responsible
My planet is dying
My species will not be held responsible
The worst that could happen
Is happening
It happens so slowly
With such impossible momentum
That by the time it is too late
It really is

These will be
Meaningless concepts
When there’s nobody left
To point the finger
For centuries
We traded tomorrow for today
When tomorrow finally came
We seemed so surprised.

And so
On it will go
Until there is nobody
Left to notice it
When there is no history anymore
Then there will be
Nobody left to learn from history.

black and white pollution photo
Photo by psyberartist

#Poem – 16.09.16

The Devil existed

He would want you to feel sorry for the state of him
He would want your belief in redemption
Your belief in better nature
He would want your capacity to forgive
Your capacity to be the better one
He would want your empathy
He would want your understanding
He would want your compassion
He would want your love
And he would use it all
Against you

But in reality
There is no Devil
There are
No demons
There are
No angels
Besides the ones you created for yourself

weeping angel photo
Photo by mugley

#Poem – 13.07.15

This Era is dying
It can no longer sustain itself
It can no longer comprehend
The Perennial Philosophy
It seeks
That cannot be found
By anyone
It seeks
To alleviate the burden
It took up when it began to exist
It seeks experiences
That distract it from experience
It seeks
A reason to be
And should it find one
It would not satisfied with it
It seeks to understand
Things that cannot be understood
And if they could be understood
Would still mean nothing
Count for nothing
And be good for nothing

Thirsty for knowledge
Fixated on More
And speed
And achievement
And aggrandisement
And validation
And distraction
This echo chamber of
Unhappy minds
Is a world
Now conjoined in a
Permanent congress of distress
Distracted and
Trapped in some quiet nightmare
The endgame
Of some endless struggle
And it has long forgotten
How it got this way

But still it continues
Nobody’s impressed anymore
Everyone’s got such expectations
Of everything
And everyone
Or are so beaten down
That they expect
Nothing at all
And some
Wonder what the point of it all is
And some wonder
For all the reasons in the world
What happened?
And why
The Third Eye went blind

black and white city lights photo
Photo by frankieleon

#Poem – 14.10.15

Next time you look at the sun
Let it be a reminder to you
That we are all
On a ball of spinning rock and iron
Tearing through space at 30 kilometres per second
And that your perspective has been annihilated
By the life you lead
And the world you live in and upon

Perhaps some will tell you
To think of such things
Is madness
Or meaningless
And that a million generations
Have probably lived their lives
Without ever knowing or considering such a thing
And whilst this is true
A little perspective may alleviate
The problems
And the dramas
And the pain
In your life

Because in this light
There is the realisation:
That your life
And your problems
And your dramas
And your pain
All are like raindrops
That fall upon the river
And that river that
Rolls into the sea
And that sea
One day will dry
Before the world dies
….and that you worry too much

And that in this light
Nothing really matters
Unless you want it to matter
And this short life
Is entirely meaningless
And in that
You get to ascribe your own meaning
And interpretations
To this short life
And since this is a short life
It is much too short
To give iotas of fuck
To the things that do not deserve them
And that your viewpoint of the universe
From this spinning ball of rock and metal
May be somewhat limited
By the fact that you are just a monkey
With an oversized brain
Nice things
And a bank account

But this view
Is the only view you’ll ever have
And it could be pretty amazing
If you let it…

black and white sunset  photo
Photo by Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One Magazine


#Poem – 19.09.15 II

The past continues
Much as it ever did
As memories distort it
To conform
To some sort of
Ongoing personal narrative
The eventual direction
And purpose
Of which
Will never be truly understood
By anything
It could be seen as
A rapidly disintegrating
Vapour trail
Leading back towards
An enigma
Of which we know nothing
And never did
Or a path
That can be never retread
And yet
We put so much faith
In the past
How entirely inaccessible it is
How very talented we are
At deluding ourselves
And what do we know
Of anything?
We pay no attention
So busy
Authoring this
Life story
Which is
Just a tale
By a madman
Full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing
But that’s ok
It doesn’t have to mean anything
Unless you want it to
Maybe you do
I know I do
This world
It’s insane
We’re all insane
That’s ok too
I suppose
All I’m looking for right now
An equally insane person
With whom I could share
Soft spoken
Inconsequential words
An inconsequential life
And long dark nights
In the light of the world burning…