#Poem – 09.02.13

Enter the anti evangelical
Post angelic
World swallowing
Belief System
Of expression, mostly free
Of ideals upheld
Illusions intact
Wants fulfilled
Free markets
And inviolable capital

Arrayed against it are
You: sometimes spiritual intellectuals
You: mostly practical philosophers
Dreaming unidealistic, unitarian dreams of
Wicked scenes
With your desert God
Fearsome commandments
And eschatological selections
There you go again
With your singular demand
That your explanation
Be the only means
Of understanding

And you think you understand the bigger picture
This place that surrounds you
This political-economic climate
This zero sum game
But you don’t understand
All this world turned to waste
The media circus,
Moral panic
Crashing into moral hazard
Perched on a financial cliff
Hyper inflated
Morality gone to the grave
You want to see an end to it
Oh, but there is no end
It just grows instead
Nobody can stop it

And you can preach as hard as you like
And pray as long as you want
You can send your sons to die
Promise them virgins, honey and paradise
Then watch them scatter into countless, charred pieces
Never to be reassembled
And when they’re all gone
Honourably broken against this thing that you hate
This thing that has abused you
You can mourn
Then pray again
But it won’t work
None of it will work

Cos it’s got more money than you have
More armour than you have bullets to expend
More bullets than you have bodies to throw at it
More adherents than you have converts
More spies than you have faithful
Better press than you
It has sold more people on it’s worldview
And invested more people in it’s way of life

Yes, you can try to break this system
That has built itself into the fabric of the world
You can demand submission
Cry out for justice
Demand a voice

But it goes on anyway
It won’t listen
And it won’t submit

black and white american military photo
Photo by DieselDemon

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