#Idea – The Tyrannic Milestone / 17.01.21

Once orthodoxy*
(however defined at the time, its parameters change)
Becomes more important than free discourse
(ie. you are no longer allowed to hold an opinion that differs from the narrowly defined orthodoxy)
We cross a major milestone on the path to tyranny.

Freedom of expression
(ie. the open expression of freedom of thought)
Is a vital check against tyranny
And the kind of groupthink
That leads to awful things being done
To those on the wrong side of history.

*political correctness/the right way/Goodthink/etc.

Image by Sang Hyun Cho from Pixabay

#Idea – Culture Is Cultural Appropriation / 30.08.19

What some refer to as ‘cultural appropriation’ (ie. the transference of ideas and practices from one group to another) is the mechanism by which culture spreads.

You can try and restrict this transfer from certain groups to another
But this kind of defeats the whole point of culture in the first place;
A free interchange that enriches collective human culture.
The transfer is not unidirectional
And in such a cultural exchange, both sides can benefit
(…though you could argue that one side may benefit more than the other).

Put another way
Cultural appropriation is a part of how culture works.
Bringing it into the realm of identity politics
And trying to rearrange it
So that only some groups can benefit from it
Is both misguided and impossible.

Photo by O12 (Pixabay)