#Idea – AI vs. AGI / 15.10.20

An AI can create a plausible piece of writing or art
Perhaps it will eventually surpass anything that you or I could create.
But, no matter how good it gets
It will not understand what it is doing.

Understanding separates the humans from the machines.
And when it doesn’t, that will be another matter entirely.

Image by Димитрий Бровко from Pixabay

#Idea – Nothing Can Save Humanity From Itself / 07.05.18

If we think of our current planetary situation
From a systems point of view
Economics (…like many other things)
Can be seen as a subsystem of Ecology.

And from a systems point of view
If the parent system fails (i.e. the planet),
It takes the subsystems with it.

After all, how do you propose for everybody to get rich in a world increasingly uninhabitable by humans?
Are you seriously talking about taking all of this illusory money we have made and using it to flee the planet?
Or to dig tunnels deep underground, safe from the acid rain, extremes of temperature or toxic air?
Surely not.

No, ecology on this scale is not about ‘being a tree hugger’ – it’s about fucking self preservation.

black and white tree photo
No mistake, the earth can and will go on just fine, likely for a few billion more years. It’s us who might not.

The basic premise, which is either being denied or forgotten – is that we need a planet that is actually habitable to carry out all of these important economic activities.

And perhaps,
The policymakers will start to change their tune
When they can see the flood waters from the windows of their tall buildings.

But by then it will be too late.

Photo by mbching