#Idea – Centre Vs. Periphery / 16.01.13

In your life there are the familiar things you tend to focus on…

But these things in the centre of your attention are just a tiny, infinitesimally tiny fraction of what is happening out there.

And there’s so much else going on…

On the periphery of your perceptions and experiences are new universes to explore and experiences to have.

But it’s easy to keep focusing on the same things, doing the same things. Getting better at the same things. Specialising in your specialties. Digging deeper into your centre.

Hell, it’s what I’m doing now…

See, I could be out there having any experience.

Meeting new people in new, far away places.


Sharing this little idea with some person

Perhaps sharing it with you, face to face, somewhere different.

I like this idea.

But I like to write, see…

It’s easy for me to type out my thoughts as they come along. Inherently easier than going out all the time in search of conversation and experience (that’s not to say I haven’t done it many times before…)

And it is easy and familiar for me to be with at all these words on my computer screen.

To ensure I’ve hit my ‘daily quota’…

Your centre is not necessarily a bad place. Your centre anchors you. It’s the place where, if habits are good, life moves along smoothly

It is good to be centred, but not so strongly centred that you become ‘fixed’.

Because sometimes you don’t want live to move along smoothly at all. You want to make fucking quantum leaps in every direction and to suck the marrow out of life’s bones. You want to scream “carpe diem!” and actually have it mean something. To act on it. To live it.

And so the centre must be allowed to move and encompass more of the periphery.

At current, I feel that I am too centred…

And too long staring at the centre often encourages ‘the itch’

Now the itch needs scratching.

There’s a lot on my periphery but I’m not paying attention to it.

Though I should be.

Are you?

rooftop black and white photo
Photo by ardenswayoflife


  1. Felix the cancer curing cat

    Thanks jack. Kinda glad I got to see this at a rather pivotal point in my life.

    This made me reflect on myself and made me aware that, somehow, what used to be the periphery had become such an important part of my life, they have migrated into the centre, and now when I look down, I see that I’m actually completely anchored into the centre once again….

    Do i love the periphery too much? Or should I keep looking for new periphery as I fall in love and bring the old ones into the centre? (like a reverse tree growth ring…?)

    Reflection reflection.

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